A Look Inside The Queen’s House, Greenwich

Get a glimpse inside the first classical building in England.


Inside the Mysterious Supreme Court

Take a peek inside the highest court of appeal in the UK, the Supreme Court.

What It Was Like to Live the High Life at Aqua Shard

Aqua Shard ranks in my mind as one of the best restaurants in London. Firstly, it’s up here on the 31st floor. It’s called The Shard, you might have heard of it: Which means you know it’s going to be pretty stylish inside: And because you’re roughly 170 meters from the ground, it  means you get…

Wonderlab at The Science Musuem

The Science Museum is already one of the world’s greatest museum. Seven floors of educational and entertaining exhibits to inspire you. But if you think the Science Museum  couldn’t get any better, think again. A brand spanking new gallery, Wonderlab, has just opened, and it’s amazing. Wonderlab encourages us to learn about our wondrous world by encouraging us to…