About Pulse London

Hello, hola, bonjour, Sawasdee –  welcome to my virtual abode. If we haven’t met before, my name’s Kritt, an average intrepid Londoner who just so happens to enjoy telling people about this wonderful city of London and all the weird and wonderful things that happen in this city.  Read on to get to know me better.

The Mission

To tell, inspire and like-minded people to discover the very best that London has to offer by giving an honest account and authentic account of experiences in London so that intrepid explorers can, too, experience the wonders of living in the Big Smoke.

My story

My story is one of self-discovery. When I was young and growing up, I always thought that to be successful in life, I had to stroll into an office wearing a suit like it was shining armour and work in buildings where it had a pointy top and you had to crane your neck to take it all in.

As I left my paralegal job in the summer of 2014, (I was there for the shortest time ever) I reflected on what wanted to do with my life and realised how wrong I was to pursue a career that was never for me, even if I enjoyed studying it from afar. Society, peers and family have all led me to believe this was the only way achieve a rich and comfortable life. What they failed to tell was the price – the anxiety and the stress.

But even so, as  I write and reflect on the path I had chosen that summer in 2014, I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had because, without it, I would never have become the intrepid London explorer I am now, and this blog would never exist.

But it does, and now, reader, I want to share with you everything I know about London. Feel free to join me as I take in the bars, restaurants and things to do in this city I call home and perhaps you might take a step down the path less travelled like I did.


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